Mt Agamenticus-3-3-2013

the old t bar at agamenticusSo my first ever closed ski area experience came from driving back from skiing Titcomb and Spruce Mtn. I had read about this area on the NELSAP site a couple times and had always been interested in checking it out so I took advantage of the couple hours of daylight we had left and veered off 95 in York, Maine to check it out. It is pretty easy to get to as just a couple miles off of 95 and the great part about it is that you can drive all the way to the top on a perfectly paved road. This is a great place to check out for any backcountry skier. The views are absolutely amazing. You look off to one side and have the entire Atlantic Ocean in front of you and the other side of the Maine Mtns. With such close proximity to both Portland and Boston and views like this I was shocked this place could have ever closed down. Apparently being so close to the Atlantic made it difficult to keep the snow as warmer winds and salt would come off the ocean and melt the snow quicker as well as limit the amount of frozen precip. It really is too bad because this is a pretty good sized mtn for being so close to Boston. The base lodge is actually still used as a wildlife refuge and is still in great shape.old ski lodge at top of agamenticus There are also some pretty good lift remains with most of the t-bar still intact. The concrete footing are still in place for the double chair but other than that not too much of that lift left. Being about 4, I knew in order to get a run in I would have to move quick so grabbed the skiis out of the car and popped them on to make my descent. I started to follow the T-bar line down and then decided to veer off to try and find the trail called Kickapoo since it looked like was the widest trail on the mtn. agament t-mapWhile you can still pretty easily tell where are the trails are, which is great, they have grown in quite a bit so are all pretty narrow but can still find some good open spots and pretty navicable.IMG_0137 The snow consistancy was a little dust on crust but the snow coverage was great as did not hit any rocks and no bare spots to speak of. It is a little hard to tell exactly where you are on the trail map at points and when you near the bottom as there are hiking trails that criss cross and continue past the base of the chairlift and old parking lot but it starts to really flatten out to make it a little easier. When i got to the bottom i popped my skiis off and changed into my snowshoes for the hike back up. Instead of hiking back up the liftline, I wanted to check something new out so hiked up to my left(looking up the mtn) on the old Wampum trail I believe. This would be a great trail to have skied down as was pretty long but really well cleared and had a real old school new england feel to it as pretty narrow and twisting in most spots. When I finally came to the intersection with the bottom of the old t-bar, i stopped to take some pictures and also read a plac in the ground that told you some of the history of the old ski area, which i thought was pretty cool. The liftline was completely grown in and was interesting to see tree growing into the old line.IMG_0142IMG_0138 When I got back to the top I really wanted to do a second run but with daylight fading figured would not be a great idea. Overall, this is a fantastic area to check out and ski as it is on public land and very easy to get to. Cant wait to get back to do some more turns.sunset at top of agamenticus


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