Copple Crown-3/22/2013

This was one of the most pleasant surprises of any of the ski areas I have visited so far. IMG_0199I hadnt read too much about it and we were planning on just going to Moose Mtn that day but this was, for the most part, on the way so figured would check it out quick and maybe do a quick run if seemed worthwhile. This area used to be a private ski area when it was open in the late 60s to late 70s that was built for the housing development that surrounded it. They built a base lodge, pool and tennis courts right at the base of the area that all existed for the homeowners and their guests. When this disbanded it seemed as though the houses were sold off in peacemail. Today, the area is still in relatively great shape for being closed over 30 yrs ago. The trails, while narrow, are all quite clear. IMG_0201The T-bar line is grown in but still has even the cables attached. The trails are still very skiable and even the rest of the area is just one big glade with some pretty well spaced trees. The best part of this area is that you can do hot laps in a car as you can drive to a cul-de-sac that that is literally a couple steps away from the top of the t-bar and then you are able to ski right down to the road where hopefully you can have someone pick you up and drive you back to the top again. IMG_0205We were able to do about 4 runs so could check out pretty much all of the old trails. The one to skiers left is easy to find and clear pretty much top to bottom. It is about an intermediate pitch but would be considered an expert slope as is very narrow. The trail to skiers right is a really fun and pretty open trail once you get to it. The only issue with this is that it goes in to a persons backyard so you need to make sure you stay far enough left to avoid this. Other than having some dust on crust type conditions this was a great overall experience and would highly recommend it. Just be careful to be sure you are not trespassing on anyones property.


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