Moose Mtn-3-22-2013

This area is probably pretty close to the most well preserved and easily accessible closed ski area out there. There is now a tubing operation at the base just on the beginner slope so the parking lot is plowed so that you are able to gear up right next to the base of the old summit double and start hiking straight up from there. IMG_0207The weather could not have been too much more ideal for this hike and ski day at Moose Mtn with fresh snow from a midweek snowstorm but bluebird skies and temps in the high 30s and 40s. Another added benefit of skiing closed areas as opposed to big resorts is there is still powder days after a storm. This is a pretty good sized area with about 650 vert and a good solid pitch so after 3 top to bottom laps, we were completely cooked. The trails are still used by snowmobilers which scrap any of the brush back but also something to be cogniscent of as you are hiking up the mtn and skiing down. The area appeared to have two t-bars(on either side of the double chair) that each went about halfway up and led to a wide open slope at the bottom. The poles are still standing on each as well as all the poles to the double. IMG_0209The double line is off the wheels in most spots but the top bullwheel and bottom base shack both still stand.  The first run we took down was on the far skiers right trail. It is nice because you have a choice of the packed down run from the snowmobiles or can jump off into the powder with plenty of room. This is the most preserved and easiest of the runs. IMG_0210  On our second run we tried to find the narrow expert slope that is marked on nelsap map betwen main lift line and the t-bar marked c but think it had completely overgrown as we did not see an entrance or an exit. So instead went on the trail over to skiers right, which was also hard to find entrance to but eventually came out on it and was well cleared from about 3/4 of way up to the bottom that took us out to the open slope marked with a c and this t-bar, that you can faintly see in pic below.IMG_0211 On our last run down we tried the far skiers left trail. This one is also very clear but very tight and pretty steep. It required very tight turns and with our tired legs proved quite difficult. It eventually kicked us out on the other t-bar slope marked D. This mountain is a great one to explore as it is still in very skiable shape and can still get the feel for the character of the old mtn with most lift remains and lodge still in place.


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