Evergreen Valley-didnt ski

IMG_0379I debated on putting this one down as I did not techincally ski it but seemed like a really cool place so decided to include and hope to get back one day to actually ski it. The initial plan was to ski it but had been really warm the entire week before so wasnt sure if there would be enough snow left. Had just skied sugarloaf the weekend before and they were 100% open and just got fresh snow so even though it was the 20th of april I was hoping there would be enough snow coverage for a few turns. I got most of the way up there and and when I saw zero snow around, not even up in the mtns made an executive decision to head to wildcat so I could actually get some turns in and then head to evergreen after. Glad I did because when I got to evergreen there was literally zero snow top to bottom. Everything is so well incredibly preserved here you would have thought at first glance had closed down just a couple years ago not back in 1982. The base lodge is still standing in great shape. IMG_0390Very eery as all the tables and chairs are still set up .IMG_0381IMG_0382 and with 70s style green chairs.IMG_0383 After passing through the old base lodge area, I walked across the open field and over to the woods to see if I could still spot any old trails. I found an opening and a relatively good spaced trail going up.IMG_0384 As you can see, all the bases for the double chairs are still there. As I got further and further up the trail started to become more and more dense until I came across this.IMG_0385 Well preserved lift shack and the obvious man made flat section for the unload. Figured since I had not hiked up all that far yet this must be the top of the beginner lift. Realizing this, I bushwacked through to my right to see if I could find the liftline for the summit double. Wasnt sure was going to find cause was pretty dense until I all of a sudden came to an opening. IMG_0386 This area was quite wide open and would be very skiable. Not too bad of a pitch but fairly narrow in most parts so would probably rated about a black(which think was actually rated back in the day). IMG_0387 I was running out of daylight and had seen enough to know that I definitely wanted to come back out and check out at some point during the winter to ski. As far as I could tell it was not posted anywhere except for the base lodge itself so think it is ok to ski. Was hoping to check out the two trails that looped around to skiers left but will just have to save that for next winter when I check it out to ski.IMG_0392


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