Mt Whittier, Ossippe, NH 3-10-2013-didnt ski

IMG_0220This one I was very disappointed to not be able to ski because the conditions looked perfect. Fresh snow, couple tracks, and relatively deep snowpack. However, we had already hiked and ski copple crown and Moose Mountain earlier that day so the energy levels for us were unfortunately not there. The gondola liftline looked like such a fun trail and would be a good amount of steep vert. IMG_0218 We parked our cars on Newman Drew Rd, directly across from Bearcamp River Campground. We initially pulled into the old parking lot which is area on far right looking up the mtn but the old base lodge appeared to now be someones private home as there was a clothes line hanging out back with clothes on it and people giving us weird looks when pulled in and started to walk around. IMG_0224 As you can see still have lots of olds signs still up from the old area like the old trail map painting on one of base buildings and relatively clear slopes on bottom right section. It appears if you did want to ski top to bottom, you would either have to take the old gondola line trail or take skiers left trail and then cut back right at some point if you can find one of the old trails to take you back to the old gondola line. IMG_0216Definitely tops on the list to ski next season so heres to hoping next season is as good as this one was. Really unique aspect of ski area is that the gondola used to pass over top of 16 and cables and lines are all still standing so now you have a pretty interesting comnbination of new and old. the mt whittier gondola w mcdonalds sign


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